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C++ function void

This is about empty function in C++.

Starting with nothing the empty functions can do a lot. They actually can help in thousand of other things. How do they function, I will explain in a very laymen manner :

A void function is declared as follows :

void MyFunctionName  (Some parameters if needed)
{  some code.  }

A simple empty function would be :

void hello()
       cout<<"Hello world"; 

This Function when called would print the hello world statement. Most of you would think it worthless. Now consider another one :

void print(char a[]) //print an array
   int i=0;
   for (i=0 ; a[i]!='' ; i++)
     cout<<a[i]<<" ";

This function will print an array (provided that it has already some data).

Another one :

void save(char n[],int length) //save elements in an array
   for(int i=0;a[i]!=' ';i++)
     scanf("%c ",ch);  //for using this you need to include cstdio header...

This time it will save elements into and array until a newline character is not encountered.

Now combining these functions we end up with a simple function which can be understood very easily.

int main() //main program...
   char a[30];
   return 0;

Now this is what the void function did for us right now. We could have used loops to make the same thing but a void function makes it look clean. Apart from this , if someone told you to take in 50 arrays, had you put up several loops inside one another a single loop would do your job and also make a lot times easily understandable.

Void function’s utility doesn’t end here.

I just explained a typical example. They can used in a variety of places ( to print the full value of 100!  🙂  )



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