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Rains – Boon or Catastrophe

A few days ago on a fine evening, while returning to my home from my institute on my two wheeler, suddenly it started raining heavily. I did have my raincoat and a bag cover for my rescue, but yet the downpour was heavy enough to drench me through the neck opening alone. Such a heavy rain and that too just after it had rained in the morning flooded all the roads, and soon the roads transformed into pools. I was wondering that these heavy rains must be a chaos for the people. In some way I was wrong.

Although our roads get filled up with potholes during heavy rains, there are traffic jams because of it and many times the rivers overflow due to excessive rainwater and result in floods, all these consequences are nothing but the result of careless management of our surroundings. We know that the rainfall in 2014 and 2015 was not good, and as a result the farmer’s had a very low harvest which resulted in an increase in the market price of goods. This year the rainfall has been normal, which in turn will certainly give us good crop yields. Also it is in this rainy season only that the small plantings prosper and increase the Earth’s much needed green cover. Also we may get to enjoy hot Samosa’s or Pakora’s.

I believe that all the havoc that has occurred is only due to poor sustainability of roads and mismanagement on the part of maintaining the drainage system. As our government claims that it invests a lot to remove the water from the water-logged areas (using pumps as per the news), I strongly would suggest them to also invest in the drainage system maintenance as “Prevention is always better than the Cure”.




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