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QR Codes – Omnipresent

I am amused at how the world has been revolutionized by technology. Recently in my nearby supermarket, I saw a simple placard having a QR code powered by something called Paytm (it’s an acronym of Pay Through Mobile). This placard, was not only in that shop, I could see it on the cabs, petrol pumps and even in the parkings at a few places. The technology that this little placard uses is the QR code. What is more ironical is that this QR code was used by Japanese automobile companies to identify their machine parts, and now these codes are used for identifying humans – yes, you will find this code on the visiting Cards of people and even on their T-Shirts.

So, this Quick Response code is basically a 2 dimensional bar-codes, and due to having an added dimension it can store load lot more information than the normal bar-codes. Also reading of this QR code is extremely fast, I have seen it being used at the entrance to historical monuments (like Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar etc), in order to reduce time for the entry of people. Also this code is extremely robust, where even the slightest hand on our optical drives (CD , DVD etc) damage the readability completely, even a few scratches do not affect the scanning capability of the QR code. This robustness is possible due to a reconstruction and correction mechanism that the strange looking code offers.

What I like about these codes are that these are really handy, all you need to read them is a smartphone with a working camera, which almost everyone in atleast the cities owns. Also their sizes are variable, and can fit in small-small locations like on the back of a medicine bottle easily.

All in all, this new technology is among the one’s that has revolutionized the way we work (especially how we make our payments).



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