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Wireless World – A wonder

A long time back, when phones, were introduced, they had a manual pad and pre-programmed functions which limited their usage (only calling). At that time we didn’t even considered that making a phone controllable, and that too with a touch would be possible (and even if possible, then not feasible). Today we use smartphones and hardly see any of the primitive, only calling design phones, and control them by a touch.

Today we have a newer technology at our disposal. We can charge our phone even without a wire. This kind or wireless charging is possible due to the great physicist’s like Faraday, who gave us the laws of electromagnetic induction. Owing to them, we now use the principle of induction at several places – induction motor’s in vehicles, induction cooktops and now inductive charging.

What induction does is simply generates a magnetic field (from the voltage supply at our homes), which can travel without a medium (that is we do not need wires), and then the devices that needs to be charged convert this magnetic field back into current and store it in their batteries.

Presently we have done away with wires at several places, we control our T.V ‘s with wireless remotes, we can communicate on our wireless phones, we have technologies like bluetooth that allow us to use wireless headphones etc. We have technology taking over every domain – we use smart lighting which supposedly saves power, our phones have become smart, even the windows are now going smart (they adjust themselves to block sunlight partly during the most hottest times and allow all light that they can during the night). Going by this pattern, I feel that the time is not far away where we would even develop a teleportation system, and then stand inside a computer to get transported digitally.



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