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We are surrounded by various kinds of technology, and one of the most commonly encountered technology is a robot. Ever wondered, how the traffic lights keep on switching themselves from time to time without getting tired ? They are a robot, that has been assigned a task, which it keeps on performing without asking any questions.  Similarly, a vehicle follows whatever the driver instructs it to, without asking any questions. These simple robots can be made smarter by something called artificial intelligence, but it still is just another algorithm that makes use of heuristics to determine what would be the optimal choice. Google Allo’s smart reply would be a very common example of what artificial intelligence is like.

In most simplistic sense, a robot is referred to something that can do a particular piece of work repeatedly, without getting tired. A robot does “forced labor” in some sense. It is like a slave, that cannot decide anything on it’s own. The latest developments suggest that we might be able to create a simulated brain, that could impersonate a human (commonly called androids), though presently a robot is far from such capabilities. An old but quite interesting experiment of this kind of cognitive science was the Medusoid, an artificial jellyfish. This was an attempt to replicate the heart movements, using silicone and rat heart cells, but the success it received was tremendous, in the fact that it could replicate a jellyfish.

The creation of robot’s has been a revolutionary idea. It has transformed innumerable fields. It has facilitated doing computationally intensive work, without much wastage of human resources. For example calculation tasks can be easily given to a robot, like calculations for a house construction, calculating the most efficient wing design to minimize the air resistance, calculating shortest path to reach a destination. Even some tasks that are hazardous to humans, but yet essential can be handled by a robot. Not only calculations, but surveillance tasks can also be done very effectively with the use of robots. The robots have transformed the world, and have been an integral part of the IT revolution. They are slowly taking up a large portion of the industry level tasks. The future where every person will have their own personal robot assistant isn’t far away.



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