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GSoC 2018 – Hello World to open source

It was the night of April 23rd when the fate of my summers was decided. I was so happy to get selected as a student at coala in Google’s Summer of Code 2018. This will be my first venture with an open source organisation and I am extremely excited for the journey.


My official selection e-mail !


I chose coala as the organisation to apply to, as I felt attached with what coala does. To some it may just be a lint managing tool, but to me it is a means to ensure good quality maintainable code, and that is something I see lacking amongst my peers. While working in numerous group projects at university, I almost always sighed whenever my team-mates sent ugly and almost unreadable code. Coming across coala, I found more about linters and I became a fan of them instantly.Β  I started my contributions to coala early in the year and since then have gotten along in the community, sending PRs and most importantly reviewing other’s Pull Request’s.

In fact I also learnt a lot about open source contribution and was delighted when my first pull request got merged in an upstream repository (travis-documentation). I was amazed looking at how open source works, every contribution matters and one can really simply get started with contributions and help so many other fellow people by their small-small parts. If I were a poet, I would certainly write a poetry portraying (yeah, that’s an alliteration πŸ˜‰) the ocean with open-source software and the individual contributions as droplets in the ocean, but fortunately I am a programmer who is going to try and fill up the ocean with as many drops as possible πŸ˜€ .

coala is a really warm and welcoming community and everyone is eager to help new-comers get started with open source.

So my work during these summers would be to make an addition to coala-core and add support for ANTLR, so that more advanced linters can be written that can utilise the AST of source code as well. I will also be creating a sample bear to demonstrate usage of that API. So brace up, coming ahead are a lot of posts upon my journey with ANTLR and AST’s.
A big thanks to John, Dong-hee and RishavΒ for helping me refine my proposal and make it through the selection process of GSoC. Looking forward to work with my mentor Udayan over these summers πŸ˜€ .

(And yeah, coala is always written with a small c πŸ™‚ )



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