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Community Bonding with coala

So the first phase in GSoC was to bond with the community, get an insight about the codebase and help the community.
We had the task of finishing up our conceptual documentation of what we would be doing in the future phases, draft a schedule and make a cEP (coala enhancement proposal) for our chosen project.

The most exciting part in this phase for me was completing my existing issues (remember, you’re reading the blog of a geek :p). I had started making an HgCommitBear for coala before the application period, and had my first difficulty/medium issue right up there. The part was to create a bear, similar to GitCommitBear, to check for style issues in commits of a mercurial repository.

The issue stretched quite long, and I had several sub-issues to create in order to complete it, but on the whole it was fun !
I refactored out the whole structure and introduced inheritance to keep the two vcs bears in sync. And to top it all, I created issues in other upstream repositories and also sent a PR for improving a test case.

Coming on to my cEP, I finished that as the first thing on priority right after my exams ended. Having made the cEP, it is not a final one yet, but it is concrete enough to let me focus on atleast my first phase of the project. Next I reviewed a couple of PR’s and customary to the coala community, helped some newcomers who came onto our gitter channel seeking their first contributions (feels good !)

From my experience, the bonding period was great, me and the other fellow GSoCians had some fun ;), looking forward to the next phase :D.



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