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GSoC’18: Passed !

Although probably I’m a bit late (by a week), but I passed my GSoC’18 successfully with and I’m so happy and excited about it !
I’ve already written a lot about technical aspects of my project in my previous blogs, so for any technical aspects of the project, feel free to see any of the past GSoC tagged posts. Also in case you’re trying to follow through and get stuck with the coantlib, feel free to drop by at, we will try our best to help πŸ˜€ . This post would be my experience through all of it πŸ˜€ .

I had been introduced to coala early on, but became active starting from February this year. I had contributed previously to coala, so I took up difficult issues this time to continue from where I’d left off, and I really enjoyed doing those issues, especially adding a mercurial support to one of the analysis tools. All of this was good and happening, when the application period started and I had to hunt down for a project to work on during my summers at coala.

There were a lot of great project ideas up already, though with the knowledge hungry mind that I had, I took up a project which I had no previous knowledge about. I found ANTLR, and searched up on what it is, and how does it work. I had very little background in programming language theory, but ANTLR somehow when I used it, I was intrigued by the idea of putting our Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge to work and use it to traverse trees in various ways.

I gradually picked up on the related technical aspects during the proposal deadline phase itself, and finally sent in a proposal for integrating the ANTLR beast with coala !
I had little hopes of getting through with this one, but since I had already liked the lovely people at coala, I sent in another proposal for enhancing a code analysis tool I’d worked on before. So I had two proposals to coala, and with that I was content.
Today I am much more than content – Excited and Happy as well – since I have successfully passed GSoC and completed my project !

A big thanks to my mentor @corona10 and @jayvdb for making this journey memorable and helping me with the roadblocks !

Learnt a lot this summer, especially learnt how to work with code that’s largely undocumented xD. Was a really great experience for me, especially considering the amount of things I learnt along the way !

Thanks for reading !


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